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Team Page Quick Guide

This high level guide will help you get started with setting up your team page. 


Most of the behaviors described require permissions higher than those of the typical user.  Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Volunteers as defined in the web site, have these permissions.  Teams Managers (that is all teams), Division Managers, and Club Administrators (the person who runs the website) have the permissions to grant and remove authority to be a team volunteer for the team page.  Coaches and team volunteers can only access information for their team.


Those who registered the participants (think parents) on line have access to the information and can comment on discussions but not generate new content.  Those without an on line account may not have access.  Those who registered participants have access only to the team pages for their participants.


This way only your team and web page administrators will see your team page.


As always, the “Support” pages from Blue Sombrero have wonderful information.


This is how to access and modify your team page


Log in using your user ID and password…


You should get to a screen like this…

Click on HOME..



Move your mouse over “TEAM CENTRAL” and “Team Directory” will appear. 

Click on “Team Directory”

You will get a list of teams that you can access.



You will likely only have access to one team listed although all the teams will be listed.  Click on “Team Home” for the team information you want to edit.


For this example we will explore Team – Hammond.


You can now add, edit, modify various parts of your team page.



By clicking on the gear (settings) in the top right, you can control access to your page.


Clicking on the camera icon, allows you to change this picture.




Clicking on “Edit Roster” allows you to input

  • player number,
  • position
  • and, notes.

You can also control what information is displayed, e.g. First Name, Last Name,


Clicking on “CALENDAR” allows you to see all scheduled practices and games in the system.


Clicking on “NEWS” allows you to see all the stories you or your designated volunteer has posted. 



Clicking on “View” allows you to see the news story.


Clicking on “Manage News” takes you to the screen to add, publish, draft and archive news stories.



In “GALLERY” you can add picture, links to pictures, and links to videos.  From here you can see the pictures and videos loaded.  Clicking on “Manage Gallery” takes you to the page to upload individual photographs, OR link to an album in Google+ or Flickr.



Under “DISCUSSIONS” you can start a thread and parents can then comment and reply.  When you start a discussion, the parents automatically receive an email notification.

Default permissions are that only you and designated volunteers can start a discussion and all participants / parents can reply and comment.

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