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Chess Club Schedule

Chess Club Schedule

Each year we plan out some events so our members have an idea of what to expect.  In some cases we modify based on turnout or other factors.

Here is our schedule for this year.  If you have a suggestion, send it in

Date Event T/C Rounds Rated Section
13-Feb-20 Team Quick G15 +3 4 Club
20-Feb-20 Big Fish Little Pond G30 +3 4 USCF & Club
5-Mar-20 First Thursday Blitz Round Robin G5 Many USCF & Club
12-Mar-20 One vs. Many G15 +3 4 Club
19-Mar-20 Cascade G5 Many Not Rated
26-Mar-20 Grob Night - a scary thematic G15 d3 4 Club
2-Apr-20 First Thursday Blitz G5 Many Club
9-Apr-20 Hop to it Quick G15 +3 4 USCF & Club
16-Apr-20 Lazy Spring Quick Swiss G30 +3 4 USCF & Club
30-Apr-20 Mike night Good God Mike Picks
7-May-20 First Thursday Blitz G5 Many Club
14-May-20 One Last Quickie G15 +3 4 USCF & Club
21-May-20 Good God Bughouse G5 Many Not Rated
28-May-20 Farewell Blitz G5 Many Club

Event Descriptions

Big Fish Little Pond.
For the unrated section, the prize is a USCF membership. Only non-USCF member and those who have never been a USCF member are eligible for the prize. We will have a rated section with a prize also.

One vs. Many
We will split the group into 1/3 (higher rated) vs and 2/3 (lower rated). With G25; d5 time control each player in the top third plays 2 players in the bottom third at the same time (e.g. mini-simul)

Swiss (System)
A Swiss System tournament where players are not eliminated and can play every round. When there is a odd number of players, one player receives a bye.

First Thursday Blitz
A Swiss System tournament where everybody is paired in one section. We play as many rounds as we can during the night. Time control is Game in 5 minutes.

Players are listed from highest rating to lowest rating and grouped into sets of 4. These four players play a small round robin of three games. The bottom 5 - 7 players are paired as a Swiss System. For our purposes, each quad will all USCF players is rated.

Decrement Blitz
When paired, both players start with 5 min on the clock. After a player wins, the winning player starts the next game, with the same player and one less minute on their clock AND gets choice of color. When a player wins with one minute on their clock, they win that round.

Bug House
Players select their own teams of 2 players. Each team sits opposite the other and one player on each team plays White and Black. A captured piece is passed to your teammate. Instead of a move, a play may place a captured piece on the board. More details to follow.

Mixed Teams
Teams of two pair up against other teams of two. Each team can only have 1 USCF member and USCF members MUST play eachother. Teams must delcare themselves in writing one week before the event. On the night of the event, any players without a team, will be randomly assigned.

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