Welcome to
Emmorton's Karate Program!
The Emmorton Rec Karate program provides a fun learning atmosphere where students can become more physically fit, build self-esteem, and learn self-control by practicing martial arts.
Sensei Joe Woodward will honor prior
Emmorton Rec Karate belt ranks.
The cost to join is $90.00 per person
which will cover the registration fee and the first two (2) months of classes.
Continued membership is on a monthly basis at the cost of $35.00 per month per student,
due the first week of each month.
 Regular Session Karate 
We meet at Ring Factory Elementary
on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday evenings.
Classes are from 6pm to 7pm.
You may come to some or all of the classes provided.
There will be karate class on
November 3rd, 4th, 24th, or 25th.
                 We recommend that new members sign up on the 
1st class of the month at the beginning of class.
(New memberships are accepted at any time but it's most cost efficient to  begin at the start of each month.)
Classes are for all ages and ranks.
Members of all ages (5 and older) and experience levels will be accommodated.
Belt testing is free.  It is included in the monthly payments. 
No uniform is required for lower belts. Come to class wearing comfortable clothing; sweats or shorts and a t-shirt.  Please have trimmed nails, and do not wear jewelry.  Bringing a water bottle is also a good idea.
**We follow Harford County School closings either scheduled or weather related.**
For more information, please contact
 Program Chairperson, Kristen Almes at
All Emmorton Recreation Council adult volunteers working with children in an Emmorton Rec program must select the link below and submit their information for a Background Check.
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