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Emmorton Recreation Karate Program


*** PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: We are not accepting any new students for the months of May 2018 and June 2018 since our class schedule will be limited. PLEASE do not register for May unless you are currently enrolled in our program or have received prior authorization from the chairperson. Thank you. ***

The Emmorton Rec Karate program provides a fun learning atmosphere where students can
become more physically fit, build self-esteem, and learn self-control by practicing martial arts.


Program Enrollment And Cost

Enrollment into the program is available during the first 3 classes of each month. Any prospective students are permitted to observe classes at any time before enrolling in the program. In addition, a single trial class may be attended during any of the first 3 scheduled classes of a month, after which a student can determine whether they would like to enroll in the program. Students at least six (6) years of age, and enrolled in first grade, and older are eligible for enrollment in the program. Due to the individualized nature of the sport, it is a necessity that all students have the ability to stay on task and follow directions. In order for the younger students to be successful, a parent may be asked to join them during class and guide them in following the instructor’s directions. Please be attentive to your child's behavior during class. If they are disruptive or unable to respectfully participate, we ask that you remove them from that evening's class.

The initial sign-up fee is $55.00 per student, which includes an annual registration fee and enrollment in the program for one month. After the first month, there is a monthly fee of $40.00 per student. Payments are accepted through the 3rd class of each month. The preferred payment method is by online registration, but a check made payable to Emmorton Rec or cash payments will also be accepted. A payment will be due whenever a student attends one or more classes during a month. If a student does not attend any classes for a given month, then a payment is not required for that month. If a student is planning to take time off from the program, we ask that you email

Program Schedule

During the school year, classes will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in the gym at Ring Factory Elementary School, located at 1400 Emmorton Road. There will be a single class for all belt levels held from 6:00-7:00 PM. In order to get the most out of class, please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time so students can use the bathroom, get a drink, and stretch

NOTE: Classes are not held when Harford County Public Schools are closed, including scheduled closings, weather related closings and when Ring Factory Elementary School needs the gym for school functions.

Progressing through the belt ranks takes time. We understand that students may miss classes due to illness or other obligations, but we encourage them to attend class as often as possible and to practice at home to improve their skills as quickly as possible.

Additional Requirements And Information

- Beginners should wear comfortable clothes (sweats or shorts and a t-shirt), and uniforms are optional. Students holding a rank of blue belt or higher are requested to wear a uniform.

Belts And Testing - Students will be given their white belt upon paying for their third month of instruction. The tests for belt ranks above white belt are held periodically throughout the year. The instructors will let students know when they are ready to test. The cost for belt testing is included in the monthly fee. Per Emmorton Rec policy all payments must be current for a student to be eligible to test.

Personal Safety - We ask that all students trim their nails prior to class, and that no jewelry be worn during class. A mouth guard is recommended for the contact portions of the class. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to every class.

Sparring Equipment -
The instructors will let students know when they are ready to purchase sparring equipment. Equipment can be purchased through many online stores or locally. It is each student's responsibility to purchase their own sparring equipment and it will be required before any student can participate in full contact sparring.

Contact Information

The primary contact person for all inquiries is the program Chairperson. The current Chairperson is Jamie Stamper and she can be contacted by email at A private Facebook group is also available for all prospective and enrolled students and access can be requested by email.

    All Emmorton Recreation Council adult volunteers working with children in an Emmorton Rec program must select the link below and submit their information for a Background Check.


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