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Quick Quad Night - Oct 12 

Oct 12 - Quick Quad Night - Two Sections USCF Rated and not-Rated
Two sets of Quads - For USCF Members, we will have a Rated set of quads.  For non-USCF members there is a not rated set of quads.  For Quad night we break the group into sets of 4 players and each set plays a small round robin (3 games).  Time control is Game 20 with a 5 second delay. 

Oct 19 & 26 - Mike K-Nights
Mike takes the reigns of the club and who knows what will happen? At last check, here are Mike's ideas....

Oct 19 - Challenge Night  Pick your opponent out of a hat?
Time control G15; d5

Oct 26 - Time to stretch
G45; d5 - And possibly paired against your nemesis (closest rated player)

What We Do

The Emmorton Rec.Chess provides an environment where players can improve their game and make some friends.  The Emmorton Rec. Chess Club is open to players of all ages.  We meet most Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Emmorton Rec and Tennis Center.  Please stop by and check us out.

Rated Quick Chess -

About once a month we hold USCF Rated quick chess tournaments.  These are free to our members and typically cost $2 for non members.  If you do not have a USCF membership we often have a non-rated section.  As the cost is low / free, we promise no prizes but often have a small token prize.  Click Here for recent results.

Tournament Trips -

We organize occasional trips to larger tournaments. 

Thematic Nights -

In the past we have had thematic nights for various openings, gong chess, and bughouse. 

Puzzles and Position Analysis -

We occasionally review interesting positions, difficult puzzles, and significant games. 


If you have any questions or want to be added to our email list, contact us at rfechess@yahoo.com.

BONUS - 60 Checkmate in 1 problems for free

Problems to solve!!!

Black to move, why not … Qxd3

1.   ...       Qxd3
2.   Qh4  and Black has few options (note that 3. Rh8 and Qxd8 threaten #
      ...       Qxf1
3.   Kxf1

White to move, find the best move

1.   Rxf8+     Qxf8
2.   Nxf8       Rxf8
2.   ...             Rxe2
3.   Ne6   (threating Qxg7#)
        ...             Rxe6
4.   Qb8 and checkmate is forced.

White to move,
Find the Best Move

1. Bf5 (all other moves allow Black to promote the c pawn)
1... exf5 (Other moves for Black allow both pawns to promote and therefore which results in a draw.)
2. h4 and stalement on the next move.
Sometimes, the best move is to fight for a draw.

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